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Water Bank Sherbet Cream 50ml


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Water bank sherbet cream will rehydrate your skin with natural extracts while instantly cooling off with its sherbet-like texture.

Green Mineral Water - Selected vegetables are extracted to Vegetable Infused Water using the Ocean Brew Method and combined with mineral water to reveal dewy and clear skin.
Water zipper - Vegetable infused water locks in moisture for hydration.
After toner or lotion, pump 2-3 times, put on cheek, forehead and chin and then apply as described below.
Apply essence to both cheeks with your index, middle and ring fingers.
Apply gently starting from the center of your chin towards the corners of your mouth. Softly press the center area between your chin and lower lip.
Apply essence to the forehead with your three middle fingers, moving gently in a spiral from left to right as if painting a dot.