HushSG aims to bring in beauty products at affordable price points, similar to what it would cost you had you purchased it from the brand's native country. Since our humble beginnings in 2014, we've had the privilege of serving our customers at corporate roadshows, biannual pop-up stores at Raffles Place, and our various online sales channels.

Here's how we differ from the other online beauty stores:

Authentic Products
We take our roles as gatekeepers very seriously, and are wary of the abundance of counterfeit products flooding the market. Instead of just looking for the cheapest supplier, we source our products only from trusted suppliers. Even so, our team still checks the products that come in to ensure that no foul play has taken place during the products' transit to our warehouse.
Not a Seller but a Service Provider
Our role is to provide convenience, affordability and peace of mind, not to hard sell you products that give us the best margins. You'll never hear us pestering or pressuring you to try or buy any products.
Frank and Forthright
We refrain from giving skincare advice because we are neither qualified dermatologists nor skincare experts, and we've certainly not tried a great many of the products that we sell. We encourage customers to leave objective reviews of the products so that others may make better buying decisions. If a product does not work for you, don't be shy about leaving a bad review of the product.

We hope you enjoy shopping at our store!

- Yi Hui & Christine