Free doorstep delivery by J&T Express for purchases of $60 and above.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Registering for an account is optional, but a member enjoys the following benefits:

Earn Rebate Points
Each purchase of an item earns you rebate points. These rebate points are used to offset your next purchase.
Earn Points with Product Reviews
Earn 10 points for each product review that you make. You can only leave one review per product variant, and only if you have purchased it via our website previously as a member. You will be able to use these points to offset part of your next purchase.
Check Purchase Status
All orders are processed and packed within 1 working day upon completion of payment, but if you're worried your order has been missed out on, you can check its status in your purchase history.
Purchase History
Check your purchase history to see what were your previous purchases with us.
Quicker Future Checkouts
Your details such as name, mobile and address are saved and these fields are automatically populated during your next checkout.

What are the points for?

Each purchase of an item earns you rebate points. These rebate points are used to offset your next purchase. Every 10 points will be used to offset S$0.10 off your purchase.

As a member, you will also be able to leave product reviews for products that you have purchased before via our website (via a member checkout). You will get 10 points for each review that you leave.

Rebate points can be kept for up to 1 year, and if unused, will be subsequently forfeited.

Why do some items give more points than others even though they are priced the same?

The amount of points each item gives is calculated by our system and determined by many factors such as cost, margin, inventory turnover, restocking lead time and so on. As such, even the same product may give differing points across various batches. While not entirely perfect, the point system is to help us pass cost savings to customers when certain factors move in our favour, without having to constantly adjust our selling price. These factors may include fluctuation in currency exchange rates, freight cost, seasonal changes in wholesale rates etc.

Is there any time frame that I need to utilize the rebate points by?

Rebate points can be kept for up to 1 year, and if unused, will be subsequently forfeited.

How do I leave a product review? Why should I?

Only members are able to leave a product review, and even then, you must have purchased the product previously from our website as a member to be able to leave a product review.

Sign in to your account, under the "Account" menu, go to "My Product Reviews" where you will find a list of products that you can review.

We are intentionally restricting the ability of regular users to leave product reviews. This is to keep reviews accurate and relevant. Specifically, we do not wish for users who have not tried the actual products to leave inaccurate reviews or to leave spam information. Similarly, users who have previously purchased a product from an unreliable source may have unknowingly used an ungenuine product, and their reviews will thus be inaccurate as well.

Product reviews are encouraged to provide more information for users like yourself upon which to base their purchasing decisions on. As such, while there is no need to go into great detail, do, however, refrain from vague comments without any elaboration. As a token of our appreciation, your account will be credited with 10 points for each product review. :)

Are your products authentic? Why are your prices so low?

Rest assured that all our products are 100% authentic. We get our products from suppliers in the originating country whom in turn order directly from the brand offices. We offer the payment option of cash-on-collection for people who choose to self-collect their orders from the designated self-collection locations. We strongly encourage you to select this option if you are wary of our products and services, so that you can pay for the order only after you have accepted the products. There is no harm in being too careful when shopping online, and we definitely understand the need for this.

Our prices appear low compared to Singapore retail prices, but they are actually not that far off when compared to prices in the originating country of the relevant products. We get our products from suppliers in the originating countries and we tend to buy in quantities that allow us to get a good discount off the retail price there. Factoring in shipping costs, and a small profit margin for ourselves, we are usually able to price our items similar to the price you would have gotten for yourself had you flown all the way to the originating country to purchase it.

As our discount are always a certain percentage off the originating country retail price, we may at times even be able to price the items cheaper than what it is sold in the originating country if they are high value yet low weight items.

While we have the utmost faith in our suppliers, our responsibility to our customers require that we still check our goods regularly to ensure that no imitation products have been mixed in. For this, we do random checks for every shipment and every product type.

If however, you have any reason to believe that the product you receive is not authentic, contact us immediately and return the product in its original condition and we will offer you a full refund. We understand that imitation products may also look almost identical to the authentic product in terms of packaging. Hence, we do allow a refund in the event that the product has been opened or partially used if it can be shown that the product (not packaging) is indeed different from the store-bought version purchased from the official retail outlet. Comparisons should not be made to other versions bought from non-official sources. Do note that there may be packaging differences as some brands have differing packaging for export items versus those meant for local (Korea) sale. Our items will correspond to those meant for sale within Korea as we import them directly from there instead of via the international subsidiaries.

Graphical FAQ for The Ordinary

Can I return or exchange products?

Products are non-returnable once opened or used unless you have reason to believe that the product is not authentic, in which case we will still offer a refund provided that it can be shown that the product itself (not packaging) is indeed different from the store-bought version purchased from the official retail outlet. Comparisons should not be made to other versions bought from non-official sources.

While the above may seem like a very stringent requirement, we hope for your understanding that we need to guard ourselves against trivial claims. If your claim is real, we will not dismiss it without proper consideration.

For wrongly delivered items or products with defects, do give us a call and we will be glad to arrange an exchange for you.

For more information, please refer to our Returns Policy.

Which product is better? What do you recommend? Is this product good?

Unfortunately, we refrain from providing advice on product recommendation. For that, we have enabled user product reviews so that buyers may base their purchasing decisions on peer reviews. We also keep the product descriptions updated, and these descriptions are those that are provided by the brand companies, so we believe it will adequately cover information on the intended effect and use of the products.

While it seems that such recommendation advice would be an integral part of customer service, and is common in the industry, we have deliberately refrained from doing so due to the following reasons:

  1. We are a service provider, not a seller
    1. Think of us as the supermarket itself rather than the brand representatives/salesmen persuading you to buy their respective products.
    2. We source, import, stock and restock the goods, and act as the cashier when you want to pay for your purchases.
    3. Our role is to provide convenience, affordability and peace of mind, not to hard sell you.
  2. We are brand neutral, not brand advocates
    1. We do not think there is any brand that is always superior to another, and believe that they continue to exist in the market for a reason.
    2. Some brands may work for some but not for others and vice versa.
  3. We are not skincare experts
    1. It would not be right for us to give advice since we are not qualified dermatologists nor experts in the subject matter.
    2. It is also practically impossible for us to have tried all the products that we sell, so it would be hard for us to advise based on our personal experience as well.

What are my payment options?

  1. Credit card
    via Stripe (similar to PayPal)
  2. Bank Transfer/PayNow/PayLah
  3. GrabPay
    - Earn GrabPoints at the same time!

What are my delivery options and fees?

Doorstep - J&T Express Courier
Doorstep - J&T Express Courier delivery costs S$3.5 (subject to max 30kg) and delivery will be made in 1 - 3 working days to your doorstep. There will 2 free re-delivery attempts should the initial delivery fail.

What happens if nobody is around to receive the parcel at the recipient address?

Delivery attempts will be made up to two times, upon which the parcels will be returned to Hush Cosmetics Pte Ltd if the delivery attempts are unsuccessful.

For re-delivery, a fee of S$8 will be applicable in order to subsidize our cost for the following:

  • The courier company's delivery back to us.
  • The courier company's re-delivery to the recipient address.

If alternatively, you wish to cancel the order, a refund will be given after a deduction of S$8 to subsidize our cost for the following:

  • The original delivery fee to recipient address.
  • The courier company's delivery back to us.

The above fees will not apply if our investigation shows that the delivery failure was due to either us or the courier company.

I received my parcel, but there is a missing item(s).

If your parcel comes with a missing item(s), please follow the steps below:

  • Inspect the parcel immediately for signs of tampering and keep it in the original condition that you've received it in as best as you can. Do not throw the parcel box or any packaging material away. You may wish to take photos or a video of the package if possible.
  • Contact us and let us know what is the missing item(s).
  • Give us 1-2 working days to retrieve our packing camera footage, so that we can ascertain whether the missing item(s) is due to theft.
  • Example of packing camera footage
  • There are usually two outcomes:
    • Packer left out the item(s) during packing
      • We'll arrange for the missing item(s) to be delivered to you (at no additional fee of course).
    • Item(s) was packed but missing upon your receipt
      • This will be classified as a package pilferage (theft of contents of package) and we'll submit a report, together with our packing camera footage and your photos/video of the received package, to the courier company for them to take the necessary action.
      • In such a case, please be absolutely sure that the missing item(s) is not due to a miscommunication between you and other members of the household as the courier company may choose to escalate the case to the authorities.