Florihana Macerated Oil - Arnica [Organic]
Florihana Macerated Oil - Arnica [Organic] Florihana Macerated Oil - Arnica [Organic] Florihana Macerated Oil - Arnica [Organic] Florihana Macerated Oil - Arnica [Organic] Florihana Macerated Oil - Arnica [Organic]  - 100ml Florihana Macerated Oil - Arnica [Organic]  - 200ml
Macerated Oil - Arnica [Organic]

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Florihana's Arnica Macerated Oil (Arnica montana) is certified organic (Cosmos Organic) and 100% natural. This product is obtained by maceration of the flowers in organic Sunflower oil. Made in France. Soothing and restorative.
From the same Asteraceae family as the Chamomile, the Arnica montana, “wolf’s bane”, “mountain arnica” or “mountain tobacco”, is a European mountain plant growing at high altitudes. Aromatic and perennial, this plant with yellow-orange flowers has been used for its calming, repairing and anti-inflammatory virtues since ancient times.
A leading natural skincare product for sports enthusiasts, the Arnica macerated oil is primarily known for its soothing and regenerating benefits. Especially recommended as a massage oil before or after a physical effort to warm up or relax the muscles, this oil also helps to stimulate circulation (useful in case of heavy legs) and promote the recovery process. Applied to the face, it will help relieve skin irritations or redness.
Main properties: Soothing, restorative.
Smooth and neutral, this oil is suitable for all skin types.
USAGE: Skin application only. Suitable for all skin types. Advised to sooth skin redness or irritations as well as part of a sporting activity. The organic Arnica Macerated Oil can be used singly and also serves as an excellent base for natural care treatments.
SELF-CARE IDEAS: Soothing massage oil. Massage oil for physical preparation. Restorative face care.
BLENDS: To further increase its benefits, the organic Arnica Macerated Oil blends very well with other organic oils of complementary properties, such as: The Hazelnut or Sweet Almond Carrier Oils. The St John’s Wort or Wintergreen Macerated Oils.

Composition : 100% Of The Total Ingredients Are Of Natural Origin, 0.2% Tocopherol, 99.8% Of The Total Ingredients Are From Organic Farming. Ingredients : Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*, Arnica Montana Flower Extract*,Tocopherol. *Ingredients From Organic Farming

Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Tocopherol.

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