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Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub 150ml


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A refreshing body scrub with moisturizing and antioxidant effects of Jeju organic green tea extract to keep skin soft.

Put the desired amount onto a sponge or a towel, make bubbles, rub the body with the bubbles as if having a body massage, and then wash your body with lukewarm water.

- Purified water, sodium laureth sulfate, sorbitol, butylene glycol, cocamidopropyl betaine, acrylate copolymer, cellulose acetate, green tea extract (10,000ppm), sodium chloride, fragrance, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, citric Acid, potassium hydroxide, disodium EDTA, walnut shell powder, linalul, limonene, sodium lauryl sulfate, ethylhexyl glycerin, butylphenylmethylpropional, citronelol, hexylcinnamal

2020-10-29 - Ly
Variant: - 150ml
Skin Type: Dry
It's decent but not shockingly good. Would probably try other scrubs instead of repurchasing in the short term

2020-02-28 - Monica
Variant: - 150ml
Skin Type: Normal
smells good

2019-03-23 - Sans
Variant: - 150ml
Skin Type: Dry
not too harsh but great exfoliation