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Cream Skin Quick Skin Pack 100pc /140ml


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An easy-to-use skin pack that provides instant soothing and hydrating effects with the help of a highly fitting Tencel sheet formulated with an ample amount of facial cream.

LANEIGE's original Cream Blending Technology creates a new cream-in-skin-pack formulation that provides an instant moisturizing effect.
This easy and convenient skin pack delivers the wonderful moisturizing effects of LANEIGE Cream Skin Refiner, to moisturize and soothe the skin just like the cream.
100% Tencel sheet with an excellent fit softens dry and rough skin to realize a healthy glow.
It contains White Leaf Tea Water rich in amino acids that reinforce the skin moisture barrier to help dry and sensitive skin appear healthier.
Place the Tencel sheet on both cheeks, forehead and chin for 2 minutes. Then remove the sheet and dab skin from the center of the face outwards for full absorption.