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Layering Cover Cushion


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Complete match of Cushion and Concealer. The 2-in-1 Layering Cover Cushion provides perfectly brightened and anti-darkening long-lasting finish.

As a balm-type concealer for complete coverage (in a cushion container). Aqua Melting Technology has been applied gently for firm absorption of the skin. It completely covers and hides pores and uneven parts, as well as keeps skin bright and without darkening for a long time. It thus offers a no-defect skin base and a long-lasting clear face without darkening.
It has illuminating jewel powder that brightly and clearly covers yellowish, reddish and grayish skin with a rosy tone, and leaves skin bright thanks to its pink lighting effect. Despite offering complete coverage, it does not feel stuffy, can be used for three-dimensional makeup, and leaves skin looking fresh and full of energy.
Hydro ion mineral water formula and carbonated water full of moisturizing effect and nutrients offer complete coverage, while also hydro-cooling the skin, thereby leaving it moist and relaxed for a long time.
The velvet/air-cell puff combination of the edge puff enables you to adjust its use for either a glowing touch or matte finish.
Laneige layering cushion cover - SPF34 PA ++
Laneige container sealing base SPF 50+ PA +++
Use it after basic skin care and after sunscreen or makeup base application stage.
First, apply the Concealing Base on the left. Press it with the upper part of the puff (velvet) to absorb the content and then apply underneath/around the eyes (Layering zone) at the centre of the face and then on parts with visible blemishes.
After covering blemishes, use the bottom part of the puff (air-cell) to absorb the content from the Layering Cover Cushion and apply on the entire face for a rosy skin tone.
Use the air puff side for a natural glowing finish and the velvet puff side for a matte finish.