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Water Bank Hydro Cream EX 50ml


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Moisture cream creates a moisturizing, refreshing moisture film by providing skin with deep moisture barrier with green mineral water.

Green Mineral Water- Selected vegetables are extracted to Vegetable Infused Water using the Ocean Brew Method and combined with mineral water to reveal dewy and clear skin.
Garden Cress- Garden cress helps restore clear and radiant skin.
Water Zpper- Vegetable Infused Water locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration
After essence and eye gel, take out a ginko nut-sized amount (1cm in diameter), put on cheek, forehead and chin and then apply as described below:
Spread the cream evenly on the cheeks using the index, middle, and ring fingers together.
Spread the cream gently from the middle of the chin toward the corner of the mouth. Apply a light amount of pressure to the areas between the lower lip and chin.
Spread the cream on the forehead in a spiral shape from the left to right using three fingers.


2019-08-04 - Ashlee Ele
Variant: - 50ml
Skin Type: Combination
Lightweight moisturizer suitable for combination skin types as it doesn't leave skin feeling oily. Moisturizing power is alright and might not be sufficient for dry skin types.