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AC Balance Emulsion 150ml


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A BHA solution emulsion that adjusts the oil/moisture balance on the skin and that forms a thin moisture film, granting a refreshing moistness without there being any inner pulling.

100% naturally derived salicylic acid ingredient extracted from wintergreen gently takes care of old dead skin cells and smoothly evens out the skin.
With the Mamonde BHA Clear System technology that extracts naturally derived salicylic acid and gives stabilization mild care is taken of old dead skin cells, making it possible for even fragile skin to use it.
With the Smooth Skin Formula technology, moisture collected within the formulation and sebum adhesive powder immediately carry out moisture supply and sebum adhesion upon application, maintaining an appropriate oil/moisture balance on the skin.
After using a skin toner, pump out the contents 3~4 times and gently apply following the skin's texture starting from the inside of the face and moving towards the outside.


2018-08-01 - Shawnruting
Variant: - 150ml
Skin Type: Oily
Love this! Moisturizing and helps reduce my breakouts!