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Age Control Power Eye Cream 25ml


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3 in 1 anti-aging eye cream that gives younger looking eyes by effectively treating the three most important elements of the eye area at the same time; eye elasticity, eye wrinkles and dark circles.

Camellia from the clean region of Jeju protects the skin from the external aggressors with powerful antioxidants to leave your skin smooth.
EGCG(Patent pending by Amore Pacific) is one of Slow down aging ingredients. So improving both potential and existing wrinkles.
Artichoke extracts awaken the resilience of skin to leave it plumped and full of energy.
Release an appropriate amount after cleansing every morning and evening and smooth over and under the eyes for penetration.


2018-06-30 - Jenaisky
Variant: - 25ml
Skin Type: Combination
I didn’t expect to see results this fast. When I first started using it, my skin felt tingling sensation (mild) so I knew this product’s doing something. I’ve been only using this morning and night for two weeks and I have noticed that the fine line in my undereye is less visible. There’s a strong floral fragrance to it, which is very noticeable since all the other products I use have very mild scent, so this kind of overpowers the rest - though it doesn’t bother me.