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Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask EX 24ml x 10pcs


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An essential mask that contains Vitamin C derivative, Tocopheryl Acetate and Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract to give the skin a lighter and brighter look.

Wear the facial mask from the top forehead, nose and then the upper cheek.
Hold lifting line (a), as per illustrated on the mask packaging, and cover the cheek by lifting up and making it tight.
Leave it on for 10-20 minutes before taking it off. Then lightly pat the face for better absorption of essence.



2020-09-09 - M.C
Variant: - 24ml x 10pcs
Skin Type: Combination
First time trying the vita lightbeam mask and it's as good as the rest of Mediheal's mask, does it job and the glow is pretty visible after application.

2020-07-09 - Ashley
Variant: - 24ml x 10pcs
Skin Type: Combination
One of the best brightening masks I have used. Very affordable as well. Smells great too.

2020-03-22 - Yeo Ser Yin
Variant: - 24ml x 10pcs
Skin Type: Combination
Quite a good mask! Feels quite moisturising, brightening effect not really obvious but still good!

2018-03-21 - Ying
Variant: - 24ml x 10pcs
Skin Type: Combination
Very comfortable, moisturizing mask highly recommended for all skin type and will purchase next time.

2018-12-23 - Max
Variant: - 24ml x 10pcs
Skin Type: Sensitive
This is one of my holy grail sheet masks! I'll use this at night when my face has been looking a little tired and complexion uneven, and the next morning I'll wake up to brighter skin and less bumps on my face!