NARD Scalp Brush
NARD Scalp Brush NARD Scalp Brush  - 1 piece NARD Scalp Brush  - 1 piece
Scalp Brush 1 piece

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Nard Hair Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush
Hypoallergenic silicone material - Hypoallergenic bumps made of silicone remove sebum from the pores, smoothly and flawlessly to the scalp
Ergonomic design - Can be comfortably wrapped in the palm and has a curved design that doesn't burden you when you use it.
Self Scalp Scaling - It removes wastes and stimulates the scalp to help circulate blood
Waterproof - It is waterproof so it is not easily contaminated, so it can be used cleanly even after long use
Hygienic pp packaging, clean and stylish design without external exposure

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Variant: 1 piece
Skin Type: Normal
I use this to massage serums into my dry hair. Good.

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