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1/3 Cotton Pad 160pcs


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More than just your average beauty pads, Pyunkang Yul 1/3 Cotton Pads are designed to transfer efficiently the skincare products into your skin. Soft and cushiony, Pyunkang Yul 1/3 Cotton Pads only needs "1/3" of the amount of product you would normally use. Why? These amazing cotton pads soak up the product and then release it back when patted on the skin. This way, you can save product and maximize its effects by integrating these beauty pads in your skincare routine.

These cleansing Pads are ultra-gentle — dissolving makeup while refining skin texture without any risk of irritation. Use with your favorite toner, or simply use the pads on their own to dispel signs of dullness and revitalize skin showing signs of fatigue.
Crafted with woven structure and material (pulp + rayon blend), these are also excellent for making your own sheet mask at home. Housed in a hygienic box, this kit contains 160 individual pads, to keep the pads clean and sterile.
After washing face, dispense a small amount of skincare onto a cotton pad.
Gently wipe onto your face.
Or apply skincare contents to cotton pads and use it like mask sheets.

- Pulp Rayon blend

2020-08-25 - Chia Yi Qian
Variant: - 160pcs
Skin Type: Combination
its good, thin and definitely need for the toner mask you are looking for

2020-07-25 - Grace Liew
Variant: - 160pcs
Skin Type: Acne
These pads are extremely thin and the amount of toner that i require is way less (1/3??) definitely will help save on toner. Recommended