The Surfer 9.8cm x 3cm

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Did you know 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax? Our bullet vibrator is fitted with little fins on its rounded head to provide a gentle touch on the clitoris nub. Take it with you anywhere!
This compact yet strong vibrator is designed to apply gentle clit stimulation. As the clitoris has a short refractory period, you can enjoy one orgasm after the other, like waves of pleasure...
Size doesn't matter but how great is it that our small vibrator easily fits in your purse and can follow you anywhere? Super silent, this finger vibrator embeds a powerful motor and comes with 3 speeds and 1 pulsation mode for your sensual breaks.
3 speeds, 1 pulsation mode.
Phtalate free - 100% body safe.
Waterproof, easy to wash.
AAA battery for 4 hours of fun. Battery not included.
Given the central role of the clitoris in women's pleasure, you can use it for solo fun and couple play. Apply its rounded head with little fins on the clitoral nub and for a good sesh, play with speeds and modes!

Made Of A Premium Silicone Imported From Japan And Cryogenically Polished For The Smoothest Touch.